#PLANKtober is back

Yes it is BACK! Starting tomorrow #PLANKtober is back yet again. For those of you who are new to 9toFit or the Cody App, basically through out the month of October Cody & Instagram users will begin posting creative ways to do the plank pose. Use costumes, props, interesting locations etc, just make the picture unique while doing the plank pose!  Whenever you post a picture simply tag #PLANKtober so everyone will be able to view it!

Planktober was started last year on the Cody App by another fitness junkie and myself, and really took off. This year we will be adding “plank challenges” throughout the month as well, to add some fun ways to push yourself.

Planks are an amazing workout for your entire core and are key if you are striving for that 6 pack (check out the 6pack plank routine); Have fun with this, hopefully we will get some great ideas, and hilarious ways to do the exercise we all love but hate at the same time!

For those of you who don’t have or want the cody app but still want to participate follow me on instagram at @EMCAIRA and send your pictures in that way.