Back Blaster Workout

As I mentioned when I returned to blogging, weight training has become a much larger part of my weekly workouts. Does that mean I love lifting? Hell no! There are certain days (cough cough Chest) when I dread going through that lifting routine. I must admit though there are days that I do LOVE, and back days are definitely it!

I am the type of person who needs instant gratification. I like to see results and see results quick. Certain areas, for me at least, I tend to feel and see a difference much quicker then others, and my back is definitely one of them.

Here is the back workout I have been doing lately, I will probably continue this workout for another 3-4 weeks before switching it up again:

On lift days I do usually like to warm up with a 10 minute elliptical or bike ride. I think people get an overall better workout in when you are already sweating and ready to go. So instead of just heading straight for the dumbbells jump on the bike for a few minutes, I think you will see a different.

Favorite muscles to work?