Fat Burner Workout

Know what I love.. working from home. Those few and far between days are always the best. It means the 5:00am alarm can get pushed back to 6:30/7am, and I’m still able to get a workout in before plugging into the computer for the day. However, at 7am most people need to be home getting ready for work so the normal yoga or spin classes I go to have been long over. That’s when I start getting creative with my workouts. Enter the Fat Burner Workout!

This workout is perfect for people who get bored just sitting on a cardio machine for 20+ minutes (um me!) You are never doing one exercise for more than 1 minute and the intervals of sprints will torch fat. If you are one of those people who cardios for an extended period of time and aren’t seeing any results, I suggest you implement sprints into your workouts. They burn more calories and you can cut your cardio time in half!

Fat Burner Workout:
This workout is designed to be performed in supersepts (just like how my lifts are set up). For each superset you will be performing the following 5 exercises. But first, start off with a 10 minute bike warm up. You want to make sure you are stretched and all warmed up before you jump into your treadmill sprints.
Superset Breakdown:
  • 5 Minutes of Treadmill Sprints – 30 seconds of jogging, 30 seconds of sprinting. Everyone is at a different level so find two speeds that are right for you. One speed you will be jogging, I keep it around a 7 , and the other speed you are sprinting, for me this is around a 8.5/9. Make sure for the sprint you are really pushing yourself. (You can modify this by jumping on the elliptical or bike instead- no worries)
  • 1 Minute of Dumbbell Punches- Immediately after, jump off the treadmill and grab your dumbbells, start punching for 1 minute straight. I found that 10lb dumbbells work for me. To focus on working your back, bend over slightly and punch towards the ground. To work more of your biceps and triceps, stand up straight and jab forward.
  • 30 Body Weight Squats- After the minute is over drop the dumbbells and go right into 30 body weight squats. Focus on not letting your knees go over your toes and put your weight in your heels. Once you have your form down, focus on speed
  • 20 reps of your favorite ab- I found that switching up the ab exercise every superset worked best for me, so I could target a couple different areas. But this is all up to you! Just make sure to get 20 solid reps in.
  • 10 Push-ups: Everyone loves push-ups right? Wrong, but believe me they get easier the more you do them. Finish this supersets with 10 push-ups, if you need to modify and do them on your knees. Congratulations you just finished one superset!


Depending on your fitness level (or motivation level) do between 4-5 supersets. This workout will fly by and the fat will begin to fall off!
What are some of your favorite cardio workouts??