Morning Rise Grapefruit Juice


morning rise grapefruit juice

For a while now I’ve wanted a juicer. I’ve read about some of the benefits of juicing and stalked numerous delicious creations. Well I finally decided to actually purchase one! I bought myself the Breville Two-Speed Juice Fountain Plus, as a late Christmas present and let me tell you..I love it. I know I didn’t go after the best juicer on the market, this one was only $150, but so far it fits my needs just fine.

morning rise grapefruit juice

It is seriously addicting. Whenever I walk into Whole Foods, I start looking around for new stuff to juice. I can’t tell if Mike is annoyed yet by my new found obsession with juicing, but I do know he was pleasantly surprised with how my first two juices came out. He was a negative Nancy when I went to look for a juicer, so hearing him say these would actually be something he’d drink, was a huge win.

This Morning Rise Grapefruit juice I made the other day after I did the 5-3-2 Full Body Workout. I can tell grapefruits are going to be a favorite for me, I loved how it mixed with the other juices. This juice is great to kick off your mornings and get that skip in your step without pounding coffee.

Morning Rise Grapefruit Juice:

1 Grapefruit (Peeled)

1 Pear

1 Green Apple

1 Handful of Kale

Throw all the ingredients through your juicer and enjoy!