Build Up Your Backbends

One of my new year’s resolutions is to practice yoga more (way more). Yoga just makes my body feel better in so many ways, but when I get busy it’s something I start to overlook. I’ll make sure I squeeze in my 20 minute run, but do a 15 minute yoga sequence, that could get forgotten. Well not this year! This year I’m trying over a new leaf.

Speaking of forgotten, one of the areas I tend to ignore is my back. For some reason I just don’t like (have never been good) at backbends. Your back is an area that can go downhill fast, so it’s important to constantly be working and strengthening it. Therefore when I got to interview my friend and amazing yogi Danique (follow her on Instagram), I asked if she would be interested in sharing some beginner backbend poses, and luckily she was more than happy! Today I have two great back bend poses that are great for building up your strength and flexibility. In time having these strengths will lead to those crazy backbends you see yogis like Danique doing. They each have 3 different variations, so you can work your way up depending on what level you are at.

Sphinx to Cobra Variations:

build up your backbends poses

This first backbend is a great alternative to those difficult cobra variations. Backbends aren’t something you want to force because you can end up getting really hurt, so start off slow. Beginners start off with a Sphinx pose. If this feels comfortable and easy,  then it’s time to try the Cobra pose. Personally, I get a great stretch from the basic Cobra pose. I know my body and right now that’s where I find my edge, so I stay there. If you want to kick it up another knotch though you can give this Cobra variation a go!


Camel Variations:

Backbends: Camel pose

The camel is another great pose for beginner yogis. When you are starting out simply put your hands on your lower back, pressing forward and tucking your tail bone under. Eventually you will progress to leaning your head back and then eventually dropping  your hands down to meet your ankles. them or hate them?