Ab Training Plan 2.0 Giveaway!

I’m pretty excited guys, can’t lie. My second ab plan is launching January 2nd! The first one ended up getting a great response with over 1,100+ people subscribing and 500 in the first week! Therefore when the people over at Cody asked me to put out another one for after the holidays, I was definitely more than willing.

You will be able to purchase this plan ($1.99) on your iPhone just like any other in-app purchase, or you can also purchase it online on January 2nd!
So what should you expect from this new plan? Well I received such great feedback about the three different intensity levels, they’re back! Every workout will have 3 different versions: Rookie, Pro & Veteran. No matter what your fitness background is, there is a workout for you! Here’s a preview of the Ab Training Plan, please try to ignore the part where I’m awkwardly talking. I feel like video cameras and me don’t mix well!
This plan has 8 new ab routines, all with videos demonstrating the new moves and exercises. On the original 6pack ab plan, by far the most popular Ab Routine was the Old Faithful Routine. Basically these routines are perfect anytime anywhere, with no equipment required, and provide a great all over ab workout. Therefore this time I added TWO new Old Faithful routines. Here’s a list of new routines you can find in this new training plan:
  • Old Faithful #2 
  • Old Faithful #3
  • Ab Ladder
  • Out of the Box Abs
  • Partner Ab Routine
  • Exercise Ball Ab Routine
  • Mini Core Ball Ab Routine
  • 3 & 5 Minute Abs
I would love for EVERYONE  to try this plan, so I convinced the Cody people to at least let me giveaway a couple of them for free. The giveaway will begin today and the winner be announced on January 2nd when the plan launches. Three winners will be chosen, just enter below!