Unstuff the Holidays Workout


Holy FULL! I don’t want to think about eating any more chocolate. I am stuffed to the brim and definitely ready to get back to my normal eating schedule! Other than feeling like I gained 25lbs, I had a great Christmas and Santa was way too good to me. I finally got a new camera, so bye bye iPhone blog pictures! I also got a FitBit Force and a giftcard for a much needed massage!

Anyways today I thought I’d just pop in and share the Unstuff the Holidays Workout I promised on Monday when I posted my holiday workout plan. Yes this workout has the typical holiday border from picmonkey (my attempt to be festive).

Basically what I need today is a high intensity workout to get my metabolism cooking again and get my body back into action. This workout combines alot of different exercises and short bursts of energy which is perfect for shredding those holiday calories.

Unstuff the Holidays Workout

For the best results I’d recommend doing this at least thee times through. You aren’t doing each exercise for very long so this will actually go back quicker then it looks. And as always, all the exercises can be found in the workout dictionary!

Are you guys ready to get back into your normal routine? What was your favorite Christmas gifts?