Plan of Action


Hii everyone, I am writing to you from the great state of New York. Mike and I have been here since Friday visiting his parents, and running a muck through New York City. If you follow me on instagram or twitter, you probably have seen your fair share of photos and tweets about this already.  (And if you don’t follow me, WHY NOT!? Kidding but really you can follow me!)

I thought I would stop in and give you guys a glimpse of what my holiday workout schedule will be like. Yes, I planned it out already. I find that when I have a solid game plan I’m more apt to actually follow through with it. If I decide hey I’ll just wait and see what kind of mood I’m in.. I know my mood will be to stay home and drink Mike’s wine cellar clean. Therefore my plan is in place. I found it’s also helpful when you box off a period of time to workout beforehand.  98% of the time I workout first thing in the morning. Get it over with and go enjoy the rest of your day (especially during the holidays!)


So here it goes, my plan of action for the holiday season:


Monday 23rd
Yoga and this full body muscle lift at the gym near Mike’s house.  Mike’s parents go to this awesome gym called Club Fit, and we sneak in with the guest passes whenever we are there. Seriously this place is like a playground for fitness junkies. It literally has EVERYTHING.  While there I love to try out new yoga classes. Am I the only one who kind of goes into autopilot at home? You get used to the same classes and get complacent. A new yoga teacher always brings a new flare and I usually end up getting in an amazing workout.

Tuesday 24th

Rest Day aka I will be driving home from New York straight to my friend’s Christmas Eve party, so I figure that’s a perfect day to just book as my day off.


Wednesday 25th 
Yes I do workout on holidays.  Even though my gym isn’t open I’lI still get up and get a workout in. I will be doing the 5-3-2 full bodyworkout I posted the other day here. But instead of the treadmill I’ll be using my bike at my house and going 4 rounds! Then ending with the Medicine Ball Ab Blast


Thursday 26th –
Unstuff the Holidays Workout, I’ll be posting that Thursday so check back! And the Old Faithful Ab Routine that’s on the Cody app on your iPhone! 


 Friday 27th– 
 45 minutes of Spin and Off the Ground Ab Workout 


Saturday 28th –
This 25 minute elliptical ladder workout, which is seriously no joke. This other day I did this and quickly remembered how tough it get’s in the middle. I’m also hoping to get in a solid hour and a half of hot yoga.


Sunday 29th – OFF
Monday 30th 
45 minutes of Spin , Planking for Days ab routine and my go to Butt workout (will be up soon!) 

Tuesday 31st

New Years EVE! You best believe I will be drinking my calories tonight! Therefore I will be putting a solid hour of cardio in this day. But no I don’t believe in sitting on a machine for an hour straight just cruising along (I know you’ve heard this before). Therefore I will be doing a Around the Gym Workout. 3 machines – 20 minutes each .. everyone doing a different sprinting workout.
Alright that’s the goal! Will it go exactly like that? Doubtful but it’s nice to have something in place. Anyways, I know this was a dreadfully long post but this will be my last post until Thursday! I will be trying to unplug as much as possible and enjoy the holidays. I hope you all have the chance to do the same!


Merry Christmas!